IBOXSEO Social Media Service

Social Marketing is all about brand exposure & getting your business to the new age customers, managing brand image at social media sites and maintaining good relations with your existing customer is vital for any business now.

IBOXSEO Social Media Service 

The main idea behind social marketing is to create an awareness of your business especially to your target clientele. This is supported by the ability to manage your brand image in social networks and to maintain a good relation between your business and your customers with a view to prospective growth. Most of the time new customers carry out research online hoping to find useful information in the complaints, recommendations and suggestions available online before they can make up their mind. This is why you need to work hard to build a good reputation online to make sure that customers do not just purchase today, but they keep purchasing into the future.

Bearing in mind the fact that Google and Bing work alongside social authority protocols like likes shares and tweets, it is important for you to look into your social presence if you are to be successful online. A sound social marketing strategy should set you on the right path and be ahead of your competition.

IBOXSEO Approach

From time to time we analyze the performance indicators on social media while still making sure that the process is interactive. We understand that social media campaigns should not just be about the numbers, but how interactive these numbers are. The numbers should be about building strong relationships while sharing information across the board.

Social media in our perspective is not just about promoting your website, but importantly it is an avenue for customer service. This is meant at encouraging customers to reach out and genuinely connect with the brand. It is also important that the social media marketing team remains vigilant and take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to cultivate such interactions.

From increasing your media presence to increasing brand recognition, we are able to develop custom social media marketing strategies that are just perfect for you.


Benefits Of IBOXSEO Social Media Service

♦ Expanding your fans and followers to increase brand reach

♦ Support customer relations, feedback and resolution of complaints

♦ Work alongside contests, coupons, giveaways, offers and other means of extending your social media plan

♦ Craft and share interactive content that can attract more followers, shares and likes

♦ Use social sharing to increase website traffic

♦ Work within your budget to promote your social media campaign


Social Media Package


Page Management

It is important that your social media pages are consistent in appearance to your marketing campaign. With this in mind we will redesign if need be your social pages to get an accurate representation of your brand.

Social Search

Social signals have become a decisive factor in the ranking factor for pages over time. To boost your listings and your presence online, it is important that you work along social search optimization to help you become a credible source of information online.

Social Integration

Interacting with your audience makes it easier for them to get to you. we can design custom badges, widgets and plugins which will make your audience easily gain access to information about you.

Social Engagement

Make sure that you interact with the audience, in the process establishing your leadership in the industry. This is easier done through unique and fresh content. We can also have an oversight of your profiles, updating them with the latest information in your industry.


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