IBOXSEO Guest Post Service

IBOXSEO Guest Posting Service is link building to bring forth links that can increase your rankings, raise awareness of your brand and increase your recognition in the market.


“When it comes to marketing strategies, content marketing has just been crowned king.”

What is Guest Post

For so many years content marketing has thrived on guest blogging especially with reliance on amazing content. Perhaps the challenge that blogging faces is that you might have the best content by all means, but still fail to rank higher on Google. The reason for this is because you might be lacking the links to see you through to success. This is why guest blogging has been an important part of content marketing. Getting the best content and using high quality blogs go hand in hand to send this message through to the target audience.

We have dedicated strategic guest blogging partnerships with high quality blog owners and publishing sites which go hand in hand with either your target market or your industry specifics. From here we craft the best content and publish the best quality on the high profile networks. Once that is done we then embark on an aggressive marketing strategy for you especially on social media.

Eventually we seek to keep building a network of trusted and high quality links, work around your brand recognition and awareness and in the long run increase natural traffic to your website, hence your visibility online.


Benefits of Guest Post

There are lots of benefits to guest posting as a strategy in content marketing which you stand to benefit once we are working for you. Of course we have to consider increasing your brand exposure, create and build awareness for your brand. With every published guest post, your brand name is visible to the target audience. This is because we place your website and/or company name in the author bio with relevant links to your online pages.

Through guest posting we are able to generate good quality traffic for your page by posting to relevant pages within your industry, or even in your niche. Interest in the post or the topics of your content should rise due to the authority of the blog within which you are guest posting. As a result you should also enjoy increased traffic, naturally!

Through social promotion, we usually work hard to make sure that we post on blogs that are active socially. These are pages that enjoy a favorable following with respect to retweets, likes and comments. As a result each post through such networks results in active popularity, besides which we still look for other authority sites where you can post your content.

IBOXSEO Guest Post Quality

For a very long time now guest posts have relied heavily on link quality. However, today if you are not keen on the kind of links you get through your page your website could be harmed eventually. To help with this we constantly work to build good quality links to solve this problem. We establish and work around scalable and effective links to build appropriate links for and to your website.
We only place your Guest Posts on quality sites which meet our  quality standard:
*  High Domain Authority
*  High domain PR
*  High Trust Flow (From MajesticSEO)
*  Good backlink profile
*  Real traffic site (High Alexa)
*  Good quality content on the site
*  Social Engagement 
*  Niche Relevant One Way Links

IBOXSEO Workflow


we research your topic, Industry and target Audience
We research, brainstorm, identify and suggest topic ideas.We research, brainstorm, identify and suggest topic ideas.We research target blogs.

we have an extensive team of UK, Ireland, US, Canadian and Australian writers who produce all of our fantastic content.  Our strict quality control – our quality control team to check grammar, syntax, spelling, vocabulary, etc., as well as the style and quality of the article’s information.


Outreach -
we make contact and establish a relationship. Each blog is assessed by our expert quality assurance team for suitability.We’ll review all of the content with you and put it in front of the right people in order to obtain permanent links into your website.


Promote & Report -
we liaise with the blogs to get each post published and promote the guest post live links through our social  guest posting network, which contains an extensive network of blogs owners to reach the largest audience possible. We provide Monthly report.


Guest Post Process

So how does our guest post process work? Well, customers contact us with respect to buying our guest posts and get a response within 24 hours. We look at their website or blog and consider the quality of their keywords. We also look for additional information or special instructions that make them attractive to our venture.

• Our experts then analyse their order, research on the article and from there look for opportunities for guest blogging. We will then come up with the details that are necessary for the subject or any unique requirements to make the article amazing.

• Our editors then research on the document and make sure that the article is written in an engaging manner, yet interesting to read. We also make sure that the article will have a good reach or appeal.

• From here the article is sent to the quality control department to go over the grammar, spelling, vocabulary and other elements of proper language use. This is also where we verify the content value and information validity.

• Once this process is done, the online marketers are sent the article and it is them who pitch it to the webmasters and blog editors to have it on their websites with the right keyword and link back to the client website.

• We are very keen on the sites and blogs that we link with so that our clients can benefit from rich content and rich natural traffic. In the long run we are working towards improving your visibility online through page rankings, traffic and a better visibility online.

• We are very serious with deadlines and in line with this we carefully work towards making sure that we are within the time frame set when we contract with you.

How do we select sites for guest posting? 

♦ Before we decide to work with any website or guest blog, we make sure that it is a niche site with page rankings Pack 1 or Pack 2. These are PR2+, DA20+, PR4+ and DA30+ respectively.

♦ Besides that, the sites must have a credible following and their organic approach should also be able to sustain a positive result.

♦ Online visibility is also something that we look at to make sure that your articles get the best and largest visibility online. This we ascertain by the number of daily, weekly and monthly visitors to the pages.

Read More About Our Guest Post Quality Metrics Below

How do we create articles?

♦ Article creation – From experience, we always follow strict guidelines to deliver high quality and creative articles which will be able to get acceptance in niche websites. Such sites have been able to make it through numerous Google updates.

♦ Article Uniqueness – All the articles are at least 600 words, allowing room for creating really good engaging content.

♦ The articles we create are not designed for SEO only, but to provide readers with useful information that is entertaining, educating and keeps them engaged.

♦ Our editorial team always checks for grammatical errors, information credibility and other aspects to make sure that you get nothing but the best.

♦ We insert good links into each article, and even add relevant and high quality graphic images to support the article.


Our 21 Link Quality Metrics

Not all links are created equal – search engines consider many factors when determining the value of a link.

  • It is a measure of the importance of a link and take into account the site’s age, its content and its popularity (Social and Links) among other factors..
  • Is the number of people that visit a site via target links. Alexa.com and Compete.com both provide traffic estimations and rankings of websites.
  • Is the creation date of the site. There are many tools on the internet that will share the registered date of a domain including Domaintools.com, Whois.net and Archive.org.
  • Is how many likes, tweets, shares a site receives from Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Linkedin.com, etc. Sharedcount.com is tool that provides social stats estimates.
  • The overall view of the website backlinks and considers a wide range of link attributes including the linking page types, content types, domain names, IP address (including C block), anchor usage, PR, degree of relevancy, follow/nofollow, and more. A normal link profile will include many types of links and it is this diversity that helps to naturalize your link profile and insulate your site rankings from algorithm changes or link devaluation. All of the following link attributes are important and they are not necessarily listed in any particular order of priority..
  • A large number or percentage of your backlinks that are optimized for the same keyword can trigger a penalty. It’s important that proper percentages are maintained and that many of the anchors are for non-keywords (such as the brand name, domain name, “click here”, etc.)
  • When you have many backlinks from the same domain, Google does not count all of them as valid for the purposes of ranking. For example, 25 links from a single domain may have approximately the same value as three links would have. That’s because Google only gives credit for a few links from the same domain. The number of linking domains can often be more important than the total number of links.
  • Backlink links should be from multiple domains that are all hosted on the same IP address, they will be heavily discounted and may not be counted at all. Worse, this could trigger a penalty if it looks manipulative. When selecting potential link sources, the link builder should confirm that the domains come from a wide range of IPs. Taking it a step further, all IP addresses are part of a C-block (this refers to the third octet in the IP address) and Google considers that a single entity may control an entire C-block, so diversity should be considered at the C-block level. For example, may be considered to be the same IP as (for link evaluation purposes) since they are both part of the same C-block (201.194.54.x). The new IPv6 addresses work in a similar manner.
  • PR or PageRank is Google’s brand name for their authority score algorithm. Google measures the raw strength of a page in terms of PR. A natural link profile will have links from pages that have, overall, an average PR that’s near the average of all pages in the Google index. This average PR is always 1.00. Google actually floats the PR scores across the index to force the average to always be 1.00 (per their patent filing) so it will look unnatural if your link profile shows links from pages that, as a group, have a much higher or much lower average PR than the Google index average.
  • A relevant link is a link that comes from a page that is about the same or similar topic as the page that the link points to. Of course everyone knows that relevant links are good. However, even the highest ranking, most trusted sites have a certain percentage of their backlinks that do not come from relevant pages, and this is considered to be natural. If a too-high percentage of your links are relevant, this can be a problem. Likewise, if too few of your links are relevant, this is also a problem. It needs to be a natural mix of mostly, but not all, relevant links.
  • Links should come from wide variety of page types. If all of the  links come from pages with an identical footprint, this can be a problem. For example, if a high percentage of your links come from WordPress footer links, Google may assume that this link was part of the design template and should not be trusted as a link and may actually consider it to be a link spam tactic deserving of a penalty.
  • Everyone knows that it’s good to have in-content “contextual” links. But it’s normal for some links to come from a wide variety of locations within the content, i.e., both contextual and non-contextual locations. The idea is to have a natural mix of link locations within or near the content.
  • By default, a link is “do follow” meaning it is a normal link. Sometimes webmasters and site owners deliberately block a link from being indexed by Google through the use of various techniques including the rel=nofollow tag.  Natural link profiles will usually contain some nofollow links. A link profile with hundreds of links that are all dofollow links will not look natural.
  • There are many types of pages on the internet including blogs, ecommerce, corporate sites, directories, social media profiles, article sites, news sites, etc. It’s best if your links come from a natural mix of all types of sites. A link profile that, for example, consists only of links from social media profile pages may be considered untrustworthy.
  • A large number or percentage of your backlinks that are optimized for the same keyword can trigger a penalty. It’s important that proper percentages are maintained and that many of the anchors are for non-keywords (such as the brand name, domain name, “click here”, etc.)
  • If your site is in the USA and written in English, getting a few links from foreign sites or sites written in other languages will not hurt, as long as this percentage is considered normal. If a too-high percentage of your links, for example, come from sites located or registered in India or China, this may be a problem unless it is considered normal for your niche. For example, many links from other countries to a USA site geared towards immigration or visas could be considered natural since most sites in that niche will likely have a similar link profile. It can also be considered natural if the site content reflects this type of international relationship. Google can determine location by registrar (whois) information, physical hosting location (IP) of the sites, contact/address information published on the sites, the content, the language, and country specific TLD (like co.uk, .ca,  .cn, .etc.). If your site is for a local business, then geotargeting is particularly applicable to the content surrounding the link, where you should emphasize the location. Also, it’s best to get some links from sites that are “local” to your area.
  • These are links where one website links to another, who then links back to the original site creating a situation where the sites appear to have “traded” links. Like other attributes mentioned, a certain amount of this is normal because it can naturally happen with no intentional effort to manipulate rankings by either party. But care should be taken to make sure these types of links are in the extreme minority.
  • There is no room for diversity here. The pages who link to you should be quality pages of original, well written content. Not spun, scraped or gibberish content. Low quality pages are eventually filtered out and will have no value. Spun or scraped content indicates that the site was built for, or is mainly used for, SEO link building. Enough of these pages linking to you can be dangerous to your rankings.
  • Another area where there is no room for diversity. If you rent links from a site that rents links, it’s only a matter of time before the rental site, along with their clients, get penalized. 0% of your links should be rented links.
  • It’s best to mostly link only to relevant pages, and never to a bad neighborhood like porn, hate, pills or gambling sites, or to sites that are mostly advertisements or affiliate links. Linking to authority sites in your topical niche has been shown to have some benefit to your own rankings. However, know that any link value exiting your site in this manner is no longer available for recirculation within your site, regardless of whether you employ rel=nofollow or not, so providing links to others must be done in moderation and should be for your users benefit, not for a link trade.
  • A normal link profile includes links that accumulate over a period of time and will have diversity in the age of the links. But every site must start with zero links and you have to start somewhere, so it’s usually necessary to start out slowly. However, some sites that receive online press/media attention or social buzz can often grow links more rapidly without a problem. In the strategic planning stage of a link building campaign, it is important to calculate what level of velocity will be considered “normal”, taking into account the topical niche and other factors. A smart SEO professional with link building experience can make recommendations that will allow you to grow links at the fastest (safe) velocity for your situation.



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