Google PageRank: How to Increase Your PageRank

Google PR is well known as a site grader in search. It’s a way to identify how trustworthy a website is, how authority and popular in its own industry. Back in the old days of SEO, Page Rank was the basis of most webmasters out there, every 4 months or so, there would be PR updates and within those cycles, link builders would go crazy building links to their clients’…

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Raising Funds through Social Media: A Look at the Recent Big Ones

Raising funds has always been a difficult task, irrespective of whether it is for personal use or as part of an NGO. Now, experts are taking a look at the opportunities on social media and networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to achieve this without having to spend much on large awareness campaigns. The logic behind this is that news spreads far faster on online fronts as such, and…

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Why Hummingbird is a Google Search Evolution and Not a Revolution

In the past few years, Google has managed to become one of the leading technology companies in the world. It’s customer base has grown from strength to strength due to the company’s creative engineering and software development. The latest treat released by Google is the Hummingbird Algorithm which has already change the face of search engine optimisation. This new algorithm allows users to ask questions in the Google’s search engine…

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