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The Insider’s Content Creation Guide – Linkable Content Assets Creation And Promotion

What is a Linkable Content Asset?   Content = Information in various forms Asset = something of value or important resource under your control Linkable = worth linking to   Thus, content asset could be any kind of valuable content that tends to bring a continuous flow of visitors for a long time because individuals tend to find that particular piece of content highly informative and worth providing a link for. These…

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How to use AIDA Principles to Revitalize Your Content

  Go ahead and ask anyone in marketing as to what’s that one classic rule in writing copy or creating advertisements is, and they’ll always go back to A.I.D.A which stands for: The best part of the principle is that each of those parameters is like mandatory checkboxes for marketers. Depending on the purpose of campaigns, you can skip one or two of these parameters. Traditional marketing — advertising in…

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SEO Tips And Tricks: Audience-focused link Building approach in 2014

Link building is not dead; links are still being used by search engines as one of the important ranking factors to determine how they display results for a particular query. Although, Google officially claimed that they are using 200 ranking factors to determine how they will display results based on relevancy on each query, focusing some time on acquiring links from authority and higher ranking websites in your industry. Since…

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Google PageRank: How to Increase Your PageRank

Google PR is well known as a site grader in search. It’s a way to identify how trustworthy a website is, how authority and popular in its own industry. Back in the old days of SEO, Page Rank was the basis of most webmasters out there, every 4 months or so, there would be PR updates and within those cycles, link builders would go crazy building links to their clients’…

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How to Create Content Your Readers Will Love While Playing Nice with Google (INFOGRAPHIC)

How to Create Content Your Readers Will Love While Playing Nice with Google You’d only have look closely at what’s happening on the SEO front and you’d realize that changes come faster than you’d care to imagine. Google has been clamping down on websites and online publications with nefarious SEO practices by. We need good content that your customers or readers gain value from while you can still play nice…

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Why Hummingbird is a Google Search Evolution and Not a Revolution

In the past few years, Google has managed to become one of the leading technology companies in the world. It’s customer base has grown from strength to strength due to the company’s creative engineering and software development. The latest treat released by Google is the Hummingbird Algorithm which has already change the face of search engine optimisation. This new algorithm allows users to ask questions in the Google’s search engine…

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