How to use AIDA Principles to Revitalize Your Content

  Go ahead and ask anyone in marketing as to what’s that one classic rule in writing copy or creating advertisements is, and they’ll always go back to A.I.D.A which stands for: The best part of the principle is that each of those parameters is like mandatory checkboxes for marketers. Depending on the purpose of campaigns, you can skip one or two of these parameters. Traditional marketing — advertising in…

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Branded Link Building Strategies in 2014

Branded Link Building Strategies in 2014 Branding, the most important integral aspect of online businesses that need to develop, focus on and polish to get all the attractions and attentions of your target audience. Developing your online brand is a good foundation for your business, knowing that having well brand reputation can bring traffic, exposure and more importantly potential leads. However, building awareness and trustworthiness for your brand isn’t just easy to develop and establish…

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Marketing Approach to Establish Your Online Brand

Marketing Approach to Establish Your Online Brand Brand is the most important keys that most businesses develop and establish to promote their companies, services and products online. Without brand awareness and reputation, it could be hard for most companies to get potential leads and clients online. With that being said, it has been a huge factor for companies to build trust and reputation for their brand through different approach. Building presence for your brand…

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Google PageRank: How to Increase Your PageRank

Google PR is well known as a site grader in search. It’s a way to identify how trustworthy a website is, how authority and popular in its own industry. Back in the old days of SEO, Page Rank was the basis of most webmasters out there, every 4 months or so, there would be PR updates and within those cycles, link builders would go crazy building links to their clients’…

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The Most Comprehensive Guide To Content Marketing Ever

The Most Comprehensive Guide To Content Marketing Ever Content marketing is one term that is in use since many years now. However, due to the ever-changing updates by major search engines and the fear of dropping down on SERP’s, content marketing has become more prevalent than ever. The subject has now earned its long deserved respect (though people knew its importance way back), and has found its way into a…

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The Importance of Strategy for Effective Content Marketing

In this modern day and age, content marketing has become the most effective tool for businesses to spread awareness about their products and services. There has been a steady rise in the number of businesses that use content marketing as their primary marketing tool while major businesses and franchises use it as their secondary marketing tool. The key to effective content marketing is not always solely in the quality of…

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