Branded Link Building Strategies in 2014

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Branded Link Building Strategies in 2014

Branding, the most important integral aspect of online businesses that need to develop, focus on and polish to get all the attractions and attentions of your target audience. Developing your online brand is a good foundation for your business, knowing that having well brand reputation can bring traffic, exposure and more importantly potential leads. However, building awareness and trustworthiness for your brand isn’t just easy to develop and establish for better website performance and ranking in SERP so creating a branded link building strategy should be pushed and implemented tactically.

In this post, I will share some tactical and easy to obtain branded links for your website that can help you perform better in search and can help you own your brand name in SERP so let’s get started.

Create profile pages

Creating links from profile creation websites may not drive you a lot of potential traffic to your website but it helps you increase your brand awareness and popularity online. This can help you dominate your SERP with your brand with the help of various web 2.0 sites such as:

  • Facebook fanpage
  • Google+ business page
  • Youtube channel
  • Scoop channel 
  • stumbleupon

Although profile links aren’t that high quality links, this can help you send branded signal to search engines which increases branded votes for your sites so profile links must not be overlook.

Guest Contributed Content

Guest blogging can also help you build branded links to your website. This can help you obtain high quality links for your domain which will increase your domain ranking power and authority in your industry. So when guest blogging to other websites, make sure that you’re not going to use your target keyword as anchor txt as this will make your link manipulative and unethical.

This can help you increase your branded links from authoritative domain and increase your exposure to your target audience which is good right? But you have to keep in mind that you can’t just contribute content to other websites in your industry and you can’t use guest blogging as your main source of backlinks.

Joe castro

Tips in contributing content for branded link building:

Use your brand name in author bio section

Use your brand name in content section if only applicable

Focus on your brand and forget about keywords

Participate in Q&A posts

Q&A is an easy way to get few high quality and editorial links. This can help you build more exposure for your brand and it can help you drive visitors to your website. Since Q&A is a list of experts and influential people in your industry, it could be a great way to get into the radar of your industry experts.

The good thing about being featured in Q&A post is it can help you share your ideas, knowledge and expertise to your target audience which means, allowing you to impress your audience, attract them and drive them to visit your website with a purpose.

Use these search operators:

Intitle:Q&A “industry”

Intitle:Roundup “industry”

Once you have your prospect websites that conduct Q&A or round up post, you can identify what kind of topic they are doing the roundup for and you can start focus on writing the content that your prospects are looking for their round ups.

Create branded profiles

Creating branded profiles can help you populate your SERP. Knowing that search engines love brands and this can help you send branded signals to search engines. This can also help you increase your presence on websites where you are building trust and reputation.

Create Presentations

Creating presentation on online presentation sites can also contribute good signals to your brand. Knowing that you can be seen by hundred of your target audience, this can also send strong social signal to search engines especially if your presentations get a lot of social shares.

How to do this:

1. Create an account on the following sites:


2. Use your brand name as your profile URL such as: 


By using your brand name in your profile URLs will increase your indexed pages about your brand in search engines’ data base and can also appear in SERP for your brand name. 

Use Web 2.0 sites

Taking advantage of web 2.0 sites can also help you build branded links for your website. Since you have control over the keywords that you will use for anchor texts, you can easily decide to use brand name instead of keyword based anchor text in your content. Also, you can use your brand name as profile in the URL which can be used as branded vote by search engines.

Sample of web 2.0 sites


Why is this important?

You can use these web 2.0 sites to publish and promote your own content as your brand’s blog

You can diversify your traffic sources and link profile which is good in terms link profile

You can expand your exposure and increase your traffic from different sources

Final word 

Search engines favor brand. They give more attention to brands rather than keywords when displaying results in a particular query. Focusing on expanding your brand awareness and exposure is just the first step to build authority for your domain and brand, focusing on updating your website with content is still an effective way to attract your audience and turn them into your clients.


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Dave Ken
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  • Vinod Thomas

    Thank you for this link building strategies that you have mentioned here relly usefull tips i will try this out in my SEO link building process for sure and keep updating with these kind of information. Thank you.

  • Johnny23ca

    Thank you Dave this is exactly what I’m looking for. Can you cite more sites/social/ or link opportunities where I could build my brand? In your post I could get started building my seo brand. I love it!