Marketing Approach to Establish Your Online Brand

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Marketing Approach to Establish Your Online Brand

Brand is the most important keys that most businesses develop and establish to promote their companies, services and products online. Without brand awareness and reputation, it could be hard for most companies to get potential leads and clients online. With that being said, it has been a huge factor for companies to build trust and reputation for their brand through different approach.

Building presence for your brand is not easy as pie since there are businesses that you are competing with to stand out in your industry. To ensure that you are going to take the spot in your industry, make sure that you are doing the right way when building reputation for your brand. So in this post, I will be sharing some approach that you can use to make sure that your brand will stand out in your industry and get the best out of your marketing efforts, so let’s get started.


Increase your visibility

Visibility is the key to succeed in online marketing, if you don’t have social or web presence, it is almost impossible for your brand and business to compete in this modern digital marketing era. Since most companies out there are using the huge advantage of online marketing, the challenge for small business to compete with bigger ones has increased and became much more complex. With that being said, spending time to increase your brand presence in social and web is really a must.

Guest post

Content distribution strategy helps websites and authors increase its exposure to its industry. This can help your website gain ranking power and authority from other authoritative websites and this can help your brand become more popular if you do your guest posting right.

When guest posting, branding should be your primary goal when inserting your link in content or in bio section and not keyword focused. Why? Because keyword focused anchor text looks manipulative and may only harm your website even if you get your content approved in top ranking blog in your industry.

Why is this important?

It helps your brand increase its exposure in your industry

It helps your domain increase its ranking ability

It helps you achieve high quality links

Social channels

Using social channels to promote and increase your brand’s presence can help you get the right visitors. Since you can selectively choose your contacts and socoal connections, most traffic that you will receive from social channels are highly relevant and could be your potential leads. Besides, the use of social channels in this digital era is vitally important as most of people in every industry can be seen on popular social networking sites such as (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter).

social channel

Why is this important?

This can help your brand enhance its online presence.

This can help your brand be seen by your target audience through various channels (social and web)

Finding your social connections

When finding the right people to connect with, you must look for something that is related to your industry such as profession or line of business. You can see this by looking at each bio/description of your prospect contacts to see if they have the same interests as you. You can search for them in community groups to easily get a list of people who you might be communicating with to be sure that you’re not adding the wrong people.

Focus on Your Audience

When promoting a brand online, it is important that you do it for your audience and not for search engines. Although you want your brand to be on top in SERP, it is significant that you primary focus on giving what your audience are looking for and not wasting your time to build useless links to increase your referring domain/pages and hope to rank in search. You can do this by giving them two content format (video or article) where they can learn from and hopefully share to help you spread the word of your brand.

Create a video series

Promoting your brand name online through a series of video presentation is an easy and a quick way to demonstrate your product or services to your audience. It is also somehow less time consuming since you can promote your brand in five to ten minutes per presentation. In this way, you can continuously keep your visitors coming back whenever you are publishing a video and at the same time, educating them on a particular topic that your business has to offer.

Why is this important?

  • Videos are much attractive, useful and appropriate when doing product reviews or marketing a brand.
  • Videos can attract links which can potentially increase your visitors and ranking power.
  • Videos can be submitted and duplicated to various online streaming sites

Create your resource pages

create your resource page

Resource pages such as blog page, article or FAQ section on your website helps you educate your audience through content. In this way, you will be able to share your knowledge to your audience and build credibility for your brand. By doing this, the chance you can help your website increase its potential to earn links from other websites or blogs in your industry if they find your resource page or particular post interesting and relevant to the topic they are writing about. So make sure that your content is evergreen and competitive on its own to be able to compete over a period of time.

Why is this important?

This can help you update your website in a regular basis

This can help your website earn links from other websites

This can help increase your returning visitors whenever you publish a content

Communicate with your audience

Join online groups and discussions

Introducing your brand to online groups in your industry is a good way to establish good reputation to your brand. Since industry or niche specific online groups have active members who are particularly interested and active in your industry, it will be easy for you to get in touch with your industry experts or leaders who can help you promote your brand. But you need to prove yourself as somehow useful to the community and you’re not only there in the group for traffic and leads. Although that should be your primary goal, you must also look at how you can help and participate in the discussions for further improvement.

Focus on social networks that are frequently used by the people in your industry to know where they spend their time to hang out and share knowledge to other people in your space. You can look for them using your industry name or key phrase. In this way, you will get a chance to see the bio of each profile will appear for your search so it will also be easy for you to connect with your audience.

Pro tip: Focusing in social groups may be good enough but if you try to look into answer sites such as Yahoo Answers or Quora where you can take advantage of by answering some questions related to your industry, you might be able to get the most targeted visitors that you can drive to your website. For more answer sites, you can find more here.


To figure out which of your efforts are effectively working, analyze where your visitors are coming from and track their behavior on your website using Google analytics. Since Google analytics is very detailed when it comes to tracking down your website’s visitors, you can analyze if what there’s anything left that you lack of in terms of pushing your brand to get recognized in your industry.

Why is this important?

You can identify which of your strategies you need to improve

You can figure out which of your strategies are working effectively

You can scale the amount of traffic from your brand marketing efforts

Developing your online brad could take you a lot of time and effort before you succeed, since there are other brands out there in your industry competing to get the spot light and success in the complex marketing war in your industry. So having a strategic approach to develop your brand and by focusing to benefit your audience should be your priority to get ahead of the competition and stand out in your industry. But this does not guarantee that you’ll always succeed if you do this, this will just give you huge chances of succeeding.


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