SEO Tips And Tricks: Audience-focused link Building approach in 2014

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Link building is not dead; links are still being used by search engines as one of the important ranking factors to determine how they display results for a particular query. Although, Google officially claimed that they are using 200 ranking factors to determine how they will display results based on relevancy on each query, focusing some time on acquiring links from authority and higher ranking websites in your industry.

Since this 2013 has caused a lot of changes in SEO, let’s focus on creating a link building plan to implement an audience-focused approach which means focusing to reach out to your audience and not to waste time building links manipulative. Although at the same time, you’ll get the links by doing this method so let’s get started.


IBOXSEO LinkBulding

Content distribution

Distributing content to different websites such as video streaming, blogs or image hosting sites are good way to diversify your traffic sources, referring pages and link profile. At the same time, it’s also a great way to spread out your word to your audience to easily get your message and to discover and recognize your presence online.

You can do this content distribution in a video, contextual or info-graphic format which can be submitted to different websites which will give you the best appropriate exposure to your brand and online presence.

Video – Video is a good way when doing educating your audience, promoting your product or to increase your online leads. Since videos are highly accepted by the majority of internet users out there, the possibility that your videos will be seen by your audience is really high. And since videos can be distributed to several streaming sites, you don’t have to worry about having duplicate content issue on search engines.

 Video submission sites:

  •  Dailymotion
  •  Youtube
  •  Vimeo

 Tips in creating video:

Create a short video so you won’t bore your audience

Be creative in your videos to get the attention of your audience

Don’t overdo it and enjoy your presentation in the entire video

Visualizations – Visual images are attractive to the eyes of many internet users, this can help your audience understand more the information that you’re producing in a convenient way. Similar to videos, this type of content is able to appear on different websites particularly in image hosting websites such as:

  • Imgur
  • Flickr
  • Deviant
  • Picasa
  • Pinterest

Since those websites are often visited by most online users, the chances that your informative images can spread out to web and social channels are high.

Things you can get from visualizations

  • You can get tons of visitors if your visual images become viral
  • You can get link mentions from other websites in your industry that referenced your content
  • You can easily increase the popularity of your online presence


Distributing contextual content to websites or blogs in your industry is dissimilar to videos and images. Since contextual content can be seen and detect by Google if it has been duplicated or not, it’s not advisable for online marketers to submit a contextual content to two different pages.

The best way to distribute your contextual content to other websites in your industry is in a form of guest blogging. Since article submission and press release don’t give back the best results it used to do back in 2010 and below, it could be dangerous for your website to practice article submission and massive press release to build backlins to your website.

When looking for guest blogging opportunities, you can look into Guest bloggers’ communities such as and pick the category where your niche fits really well to keep the website relevancy or you can use this:

Inurl:”write for us” “industry”

Inurl:”guest post” “industry”

Inpost:”guest post by” “industry”

Repurpose Content

Republishing your existing content in a different format has higher chances of getting more audience to your website. Especially if the content you republished is the one that gets the highest visits. Since most people look at content in different ways, one person might like visual and one might like contextual format of content or a downloadable PDF format of your content, it’s a good way to provide different mediums to communicate to your audience. Repurposing Content: Top Benefits, Techniques & Tools

Best practices:

  • Repurpose content that acquired link mentions
  • Repurpose evergreen content
  • Repurpose resource pages

Blogger outreach

Blogger outreach is a good way to build links to your site. You can actually make a list of authority blogs in your industry and spend time sending them email to see if they can add your link to their future publication. This can increase your exposure in your industry which can help you improve your personal branding ranking power to your website when you get featured in one or two of their publications.

When doing a blogger outreach campaign, make sure that the blogs you will look for conduct a weekly roundup of posts or interview sessions in your industry. Since these two formats are good when looking for potential link building opportunities, this is also a good way to use your own content in a round up posts or interview which enables the round up or interview readers visit and discover your website.

Finding the perfect spots: (interview)

If you are looking for websites that conduct interview sessions, use this search operator to help you get your prospect sites to contact with:

inpost: “interview with” “industry”

iboxseo link building

For blogger interview outreach, it is essential that you have established your authority in your industry so you won’t have to individually contact with them as they will do it themselves. Since being an authority or expert digital marketer, gets a lot of exposure from different website in its industry.

Finding the perfect spots: (round up posts)

Similar with interview outreach, if you are looking for round up posts, using search operators will help you easily get the sites that you will need to launch your outreach campaign. However, you need to have something worth mentioning or including on your website in their round up so they will not disappoint their audience.


Link building for the sake of links and page rank to rank for your target keyword won’t last and may cause you serious problem in the long run. The SEO industry has changed countless times and if you still stick to the basic, you will never be able to get on top of your competitors. Thinking of how you should produce content that will benefit your audience from is much more important, advisable and worth-doing in this modern digital online marketing.

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Dave Ken

Dave Ken
Digital Marketing Strategist in IBOXSEO. Who have worked with firms in the UK, Ireland, and HK on growing their online presence via lean strategy. Hugely passionate about the evolving nature of SEO, He is always interested in the latest shifts and patterns, particularly related to content marketing.
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