Link Building Strategies: the Good and the Bad

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For many companies around the world, link building is a great way for the business to increase its target audience. This is a process where other websites establish relevant, inbound links to the main business website and by doing so, the business website will achieve a higher ranking in major search engines on the internet. Users of these search engines will be able to see the website in the search results before any other website, when a business uses this particular content marketing technique. For many businesses, this process has many advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Link Building:

Increases popularity of the link 

This is arguably one of the biggest advantages of link building. Link building helps in attracting and identifying target audiences by converting them into customers. In order for link building to be highly successful, the business must make sure that it creates value-added content that is unique and places the link on related websites so that readers can navigate to the main business website. Consequently, readers and potential customers of the linked website who will be directed to the main business website can read the content that is created for them and get familiar with the product or service that is featured.

Increases page rank

Another advantage of link building is that it increases the page rank on search engines. Through effective link building, the business’ website will be positively affected in the search engine’s algorithm for relevant content. This means that when more and more customer view the links through other websites, the main business website will have a higher rating causing it to show up higher in the search results. Potential customers that type the keywords that are relevant to the main business’ website will be able to see it before any other website through link building.

Disadvantages of Link Building

Chance of a reduction in sales 

In order for businesses to post their link on other people’s website, they must have an agreement wherein the other website will want their link on the main website. This means that if a customer is browsing on the main website, they will see the link of the other website and they may click on it which will redirect them off the page. This may lead to a sale in the other website and not in the main one. The effect of link-building works both ways and thus businesses may see a steep rise in their sales or a dip as well.

Time consuming

Getting links and posting them on relevant websites may take a long time as they are many agreements that must be entered into. Once that is completed there are other things that will take up more time such as creating the relevant content, and advertising on the net to redirect customers towards the website. The biggest worry that businesses will face is that the results are not immediate. There is a high chance that customers may see the link, but refuse to click on it. Effectively increasing customer-base through link-building can take a long time.

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Dave Ken
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